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Brookside Lacrosse forms teams in the Spring season to compete in the boys and girls respective leagues.

LAKC Boys Programs - Brookside, Blue Valley, Lawrence, Lees Summit, Mill Valley, Northland, Pembroke, Prairie Village

KCMGLA Girls Programs - Brookside, Blue Valley, Lees Summit, Park Hill, Pembroke, Prairie Village, Westside Wild

Boys and Girls in Kansas City play for their closest Spring club.

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Brookside Lacrosse forms boys teams grades 1st - 8th to compete in the LAKC

- Lacrosse Association of Kansas City -

The LAKC is the league for youth - high school boys



Brookside Lacrosse forms girls teams grades 3rd - 8th to compete in the KCMGLA

- Kansas City Metro Girls Lacrosse Association -

The KCMGLA is the league for youth - high school girls

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