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Welcome to the registration page. Begin by clicking the "Begin Registration" button of your desired program. If you have not been to our site before you will be asked to input a parent's information first, you have the option to add a second guardian's information so that both parents will be on contact list.  Then a child's information second. Once you complete the process you can return to the registration page to register a second child if needed.


All of the registrations below require a valid US Lacrosse number. This is the one item that does need to be paid prior to registration. The system will redirect you to the US Lacrosse site to pay for this membership separately then return you to complete your Brookside Registration. This can be a little tricky so make sure you read everything, and there is no need to pay the extra $10 "donation", simply hit continue on that area.   Once you complete registration for your child(ren) please pay at that time.  If a family is having difficulties paying for their childs registration, please email me at bkslacrosse@gmail.com to discuss alternate arrangements.


Take advantage of the early bird registration promotion and receive a $25 reduction in your dues.


Family Discounts:  It won't be indicated until the end but you will receive a multi-child family discount which vary by division.





Please note that any unpaid registrations will be automatically deleted after 7 days.  You may lose any discounts associated with early registration upon re-registration.